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What Is Menopause?

What Is Menopause?Menopause is the time in a woman's life when her monthly menstrual cycle ends and she is no longer ovulating. Her hormones are constantly fluctuating, and this will create disturbing and frustrating symptoms. She may experience hot flashes and profuse sweating during the day. The same thing can happen at night and is referred to as night sweats. Her monthly cycle will become very irregular until it eventually stops altogether. She may gain weight, especially in the hips and abdominal area. Her moods will shift and she may become more easily angered and irritated. Depression and anxiety can be a part of menopause symptoms as well. There are a number of signs that may occur during this time, and each woman will experience menopause differently.

A woman is considered in menopause when she has not had her monthly menstrual cycle in a twelve-month period. Perimenopause is the time before actual menopause occurs, and this is when many frustrating and annoying changes and symptoms will start. One of the first signs that a woman may be going through perimenopause is when she notices a change in her menstrual cycle. It may be shorter or longer than usual, and it may also be lighter or heavier. Other menopause symptoms that may occur will be a strong indication that perimenopause has started.

It may take up to ten years for the entire menopausal process to take place. Perimenopause can begin when a woman is in her forties, so it would benefit women in this age range to pay attention to any signs of perimenopause that might occur. When symptoms begin, there are ways that a woman can help herself through this time and decrease the severity of sensations that she may be experiencing.

There are quite a few remedies on the market for helping menopausal women. Natural products have proven to be very effective. These products do not require a doctor's prescription and can be easily obtained over-the-counter. Not only do they help relieve the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, but they can also benefit the skin and hair and help with weight gain. Even osteoporosis may be prevented.

No woman should have to suffer through menopause, enduring troublesome symptoms both day and night, when natural menopause treatments are available that work very well. Menopause need not be a frustrating time.

DON’T PAUSE is a natural menopause relief that can help with menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain and many other symptoms that happen during this time.

DON’T PAUSE is one of the natural menopause solutions that is helpful in controlling signs of menopause or eliminating them altogether.