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The ANTIAGING Institute of California is now offering a new special on DON’T PAUSE, a 100% natural menopause supplement

The ANTIAGING Institute of California is now offering a new special on DON’T PAUSENatural menopause cures are very beneficial in helping women deal with the symptoms of menopause. Dr. Ershadi is now providing DON'T PAUSE for sale with a special limited time offer. When three bottles are purchased, a fourth bottle can be obtained for free. Women who are suffering with the symptoms of menopause will want to take advantage of this special offer and use DON'T PAUSE to overcome their menopause symptoms.

Dr. Ershadi has noted the benefits that can be obtained from ingredients such as pomegranate extract, green tea and EGCG when providing natural menopause relief for hot flashes, night sweats, depression, weight gain, anxiety and other symptoms. Women often look for a menopause treatment and find themselves disappointed when they cannot find a product that works. They feel that their symptoms will become a part of their lives and must be something to be endured. Since menopause symptoms may start at 40 and last for the rest of a woman's life, putting up with symptoms is not an option that should be considered. A natural menopause remedy can help women to overcome their troublesome symptoms and benefit in other ways as well.

Many women have a fear of developing osteoporosis. Hormone levels decrease during menopause, increasing the risk of developing brittle bones. Muscle mass and strength may also be lost at this time and can continue throughout the rest of a woman's life. But with the proper natural menopause supplements, osteoporosis can be prevented, and muscle mass and strength can be increased. Women will find benefits from natural products above and beyond the lessening of menopause symptoms.

Through natural menopause remedies, women will also find their skin taking on a more youthful quality. Wrinkles will diminish and skin will become firmer. Vaginal dryness will be eased, helping to increase the sex drive. Women will also experience a lessening of the mood swings, irritability and forgetfulness that can accompany menopause.

By using natural menopause solutions, women will receive a number of benefits that will help them to feel more like themselves and live their lives to the fullest.