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Phyllis Loves Not Having To Endure Menopause Symptoms

Phyllis Loves Not Having To Endure Menopause SymptomsI had heard so many stories from menopausal women about the horrible symptoms experienced during this time. When I started going through my own list of symptoms, including the dreaded hot flashes, I was not a happy individual. I did a little searching on the Internet to see what I could find in the way of natural menopause remedies. When I found the website for DON’T PAUSE and read the useful information, I felt that this product was something I would really like to try.

I have been taking DON’T PAUSE for several weeks now and have really seen a lessening of my menopause symptoms. I was also bothered by sweating problems where I felt drenched after an episode. This could be very embarrassing if it occurred while I was away from home. All I needed to do for this problem was take two capsules of DON’T PAUSE after breakfast and two capsules after lunch. What a relief to not have extreme sweating anymore. And I also found a Neurorelax capsule before bedtime to be very helpful. 

For women who are concerned about osteoporosis, DON’T PAUSE can help to prevent this disease. It also does wonders for the skin. My face is actually more youthful in appearance since I began taking this product. With natural ingredients such as pomegranate extract and green tea, I feel comfortable taking my daily dose. And I certainly am happy about not having to deal with bothersome and troubling menopause symptoms.