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First Signs of Menopause

First Signs of MenopauseThe first signs of menopause will occur during the period that is known as perimenopause. At this time, a woman will start to experience changes in her body due to fluctuating hormone levels. One of the first changes will occur with her monthly menstrual cycle. It will become irregular, sometimes lasting for shorter periods and other times lasting for a longer duration. She may find that she is skipping months, and her cycle may also be lighter or heavier than what would be normal for her.

Other menopause symptoms will also occur, but each woman, being different, will experience menopause in her own individual way. Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms that women will go through, and night sweats often occur. These episodes can disturb sleep to the point where insomnia can then become a problem. Irritability, depression, mood swings and anxiety can also plague the menopausal woman, and lack of sleep does not help the situation.

Women may also notice that they are putting on weight, even if they did not have a weight problem before. The majority of pounds will appear in the hips and abdomen, and an increase of ten pounds is not uncommon. This additional weight may very well add to the depression and anxiety that a woman may feel during this time, making menopause even more difficult.

A medical threat is the possibility of developing osteoporosis. This disease makes the bones very brittle and can even cause shrinkage in a woman's height. It is easier to fracture bones when they are in such a weakened state. Cholesterol levels may also change during menopause, which will increase a woman's chance of developing heart disease. So there are medical risks involved when a woman is experiencing menopause.

What can be done during this time to help women get through their difficulties with the least amount of frustration and risk? More women are finding out about natural menopause remedies that can greatly help relieve menopause symptoms. These products are available over-the-counter and contain all natural ingredients, such as green tea and pomegranate extract. With continued use, a natural product can even help to prevent osteoporosis and keep a woman in a healthier state.

Natural menopause remedies are very easy to obtain and will also improve the skin, smoothing out the facial complexion. With natural products, women are finding out that menopause need not be traumatic.

DON’T PAUSE is one of the natural menopause solutions that is helpful in controlling signs of menopause or eliminating them altogether.