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Early Menopause Symptoms

Early Menopause SymptomsPerimenopause is the time in a woman's life when she begins to experience changes in her menstrual cycle. Even if she was always regular, now she will notice that her cycle is starting to become irregular and is not at all the way it used to be. As she further progresses into menopause, her menstrual cycle will eventually come to a complete stop.

Women may begin perimenopause in their forties, and this time in their lives can take as long as ten years to transpire. During this period, a variety of symptoms can occur. Of course, symptoms may vary with each woman, but there are certain sensations and feelings that usually take place. Besides experiencing menstrual changes, weight gain, usually around the waist, may occur. Hot flashes and night sweats can create a great deal of frustration. Other symptoms may include headaches, pain in the muscles and joints, episodes of insomnia, anxiety, depression and memory loss. Women may also experience vaginal dryness, which can contribute to a loss in sex drive.

Some women may experience just a few symptoms during perimenopause and menopause itself. Others may have so many symptoms that it becomes disruptive during the day and even hinders beneficial sleep at night. The chances of developing osteoporosis also increase at this time, and a woman's cholesterol levels may change, thereby increasing the chance of developing heart problems.

There is no reason for a woman to endure menopause symptoms when there are remedies available that will greatly help. Natural menopause treatments can be obtained over-the-counter that will bring needed relief and even help to prevent osteoporosis and loss of muscle mass. Natural products are very useful and can safely be taken daily in order to get the best results.

When menopause symptoms are decreased or even eliminated, menopause will not be such a difficult time. Women will be able to get on with their lives, not only feeling good but looking good as well. Natural treatments are also beneficial in smoothing and firming the skin.

If menopause symptoms are a problem, the use of natural treatments will do the trick in assisting women to feel more like themselves. Menopause will come and go with less aggravation, bothersome effects and worries. Women can now find the help that they need.

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