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44 Menopause Symptoms

44 Menopause SymptomsThere are numerous symptoms that a woman can look for when she feels that she may be experiencing perimenopause, which precedes the actual onset of menopause. These signs are listed below, with some being more common than others:

1-    Irregular Periods
2-    Hot Flashes and Cold Flashes
3-    Night Sweats
4-    Loss of Sex Drive
5-    Vaginal Dryness
6-    Dry Eyes
7-    Dry Skin
8-    Itchiness of the Skin
9-    Electric Shocks on Skin
10-    Tingling of the Hands and Feet
11-    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Water Retention and Swelling in Wrists
12-    Weight Gain
13-    Increased Fat in Blood, High Cholesterol
14-    Blood Sugar Fluctuation
15-    Bloating
16-    Irregular Heartbeats
17-    Irritability and Anger
18-    Dizziness
19-    Memory Loss
20-    Mood Swings
21-    Trouble Sleeping
22-    Anxiety
23-    Difficulties with Concentration
24-    Digestive Problems
25-    Food Allergies
26-    Respiratory Allergies
27-    Photo Allergies
28-    Speaking Problems
29-    Depression
30-    Headaches
31-    Tenderness in the Breasts
32-    Pain all over the body
33-    Fatigue
34-    Pain in the Joints
35-    Pain in Bones
36-    Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
37-    Loss of Hair
38-    Brittle Nails
39-    Tooth Loss
40-    Problems with the Gums
41-    Burning Sensation in the Tongue
42-    Pain in the Muscles
43-    Incontinence
44-    Changes in body odors

Of course, not all of these symptoms may be experienced, but a variety of them can be present at different times throughout perimenopause and menopause itself. Many women will have an assortment of symptoms that will bother them with varying degrees of intensity. This can be a difficult time during a woman's. Having to endure menopause symptoms is certainly not going to help this transition.

Menopause symptoms can be a scourge and can take the joy out of daily living. But there is hope to be found. Natural menopause remedies are available that can do a great deal of good and are safe to take. These products contain natural ingredients that have been found to be beneficial in relieving and even eliminating menopause symptoms. By taking these treatments on a daily basis, women have noticed a change in their symptoms, with a lessening of sensations and even the elimination of menopause problems.

But natural menopause treatment products can do more. They can help to prevent osteoporosis and aid in preventing the loss of muscle mass as well. By taking natural menopause cures, women may also notice a favorable change in their skin with less wrinkling and more firmness. A youthful appearance during the menopause years is a pick-me-up for any woman.

It makes sense to obtain relief from menopause symptoms with products that are natural and easy to obtain because no prescription is required. These over-the-counter products can work wonders.

DON’T PAUSE is one of these products. As an all natural menopause remedy, it has been helping women overcome their menopause symptoms for years.